Nickelback - Live And Than Some Everybody Hates 2020 Ak

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Nickelback - Live And Than Some   Everybody Hates 2020 ak

Nickelback - Live And Than Some Everybody Hates 2020 ak.torrent
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Nickelback - Live And Than Some...Everybody Hates 2020 ak

The Live show is from 2006 Albany NY.   And Than some is assorted covers, Live tracks and others

Everybody hates them so the net says but why? Some say its cause they allowed the music to be used in ads. Who dont anymore,others say its cause the songs sound the same and tell me who's dont? When you find a formula you run with it. Look at many Rock bands live shows all they seem to play is a great hits album every time they take the stage.

So theres that.


Live from Albany

01 Animals.mp3

02 Woke up this Morning.mp3

03 Photograph.mp3

04 Because of you.mp3

05 Far Away.mp3

06 Curb Medley.mp3

07 Never Again.mp3

08 Free Shit.mp3

09 Savin Me.mp3

10 Someday.mp3

11 Side of a Bullet.mp3

12 Drum solo.mp3

13 How You Remind Me.mp3

14 Too Bad.mp3

15 Rock Star.mp3

16 Figured You Out.mp3

17 Breathe.mp3

18 Follow You Home.mp3

And Than Some

19 Flat On The Floor.mp3

20 Cowboys from Hell.mp3

21 Feelin' Way Too Damm Good.mp3

22 Hollywood.mp3

23 Mistake.mp3

24. One Last Run.mp3

25. Worthy to Say.mp3

26 Old Enough.mp3

27 We Will Rock You (Queen Cover).mp3

28 Hangnail.mp3

29 Leader of Men.mp3

30 Where Do I Hide.mp3

31 Legs.mp3

32 Dirty Laundry.mp3


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Files in this torrent

01 Animals.mp312.2 MB
02 Woke up this Morning.mp39.9 MB
03 Photograph.mp314.4 MB
04 Because of you.mp311.8 MB
05 Far Away.mp313.3 MB
06 Curb Medley.mp39.2 MB
07 Never Again.mp311.6 MB
08 Free Shit.mp311.9 MB
09 Savin Me.mp310.8 MB
10 Someday.mp310.9 MB
11 Side of a Bullet.mp311.3 MB
12 Drum solo.mp311.2 MB
13 How You Remind Me.mp311.5 MB
14 Too Bad.mp313.4 MB
15 Rock Star.mp314.6 MB
16 Figured You Out.mp319.3 MB
17 Breathe.mp310.4 MB
18 Follow You Home.mp310.6 MB
19 Flat On The Floor.mp37.5 MB
20 Cowboys from Hell.mp37.5 MB
21 Feelin' Way Too Damm Good.mp38.4 MB
22 Hollywood.mp38.1 MB
23 Mistake.mp311.9 MB
24. One Last Run.mp38.3 MB
25. Worthy to Say.mp312.1 MB
26 Old Enough.mp38.6 MB
27 We Will Rock You (Queen Cover).mp32.9 MB
28 Hangnail.mp39.7 MB
29 Leader of Men.mp314.9 MB
30 Where Do I Hide.mp322.8 MB
31 Legs.mp37.7 MB
32 Dirty Laundry.mp39.3 MB
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